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Fashion Trends From The Last 2 Decades

Amanda Mirus

Amanda Mirus

Fashion is more accessible now, than ever before. With some of the biggest celebrities shopping and partnering up with affordable chain stores, like, H&M, Target, Fashion Nova and others. With 2020 vastly approaching and so many style options. It makes us wonder, where is the fashion industry is going next? 

But before we jump into a new decade of fashion trends, lets take a look at the last two decades, and the evolution the fashion industry has had on us all.

So, lets jump into the fashion time machine!

It’s the year 2000, you have Madonna’s song “Music” on repeat, playing on a slightly scratched CD but you don’t care, you’re too busy flipping through TEEN Magazine, circling all the outfits you want, and tearing pictures out to tape on your wall. 

Some of the outfits you just circled are,


•Extremely Low Rise, Embroidered Pants
•Tube Tops

•Cargo Pants

(Especially ones made out of silk, satin and velvet)

•And Anything Army Print


2001 was a terrible time in history with 9/11 and the mortgage crisis. This impacted everyone, and everything. Including the fashion industry. This brought in a new wave of a more full look. 

There was a rise in,


Denim and jeans became acceptable and the go-to for any situation. Denim even made it to the red carpet. 


Logos also became common and a staple in fashion. People from all over the country, all walks of life were wearing the same logos and brands

•Flared Jeans

Mid 2000s(04-06)

Many trends from the earlier 2000s, even the late 90s were continued into the mid 2000s. However, there are some trends that did have their impact on the fashion industry during this time.

• Von Dutch Trucker Hats


•White Lace Summer Dresses

•Skinny Jeans

These became most popular in 2006.


•Neon Colors


•Mini Denim Skirts

•Animal Print

Wow! What a crazy decade the early 2000s were for fashion. 

I think we were really finding ourselves during those 10 years.

Now, back to the fashion time machine, we will jump into the next decade!

Picture this. You’re listening to “California Girls” by Katy Perry on your blue iPod Shuffle. You grab your favorite studded leather jacket and you hit the door. 

You go to meet up with a group of your girlfriends.


•Layered shirts and dresses/skirts with over sized belts.

•Acid Wash Jeans

Me, personally, I was a Huge fan of acid wash denim. Admittedly, I still have a pair of these in the back of my closet..

•Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Maybe due to the crash in 2008, and the economy during this time. Did you know, this was the first time the hemline standards were this long since The Great Depression!


90s fashion began to make its comeback.

•Flannel Over-Sized Shirts

Worn or tied around the waist.

•High-waisted everything!

Pants, shorts, skirts even bathing suits. Yes, I LOVED my high-waisted bikini!

•Boyfriend Jeans

  • Also, distressed/Destroyed jeans

Mid 2010s (2014-16)

Neon is OUT! These bright colors were replaced with more neutral and subdued colors like, black, Burgundy, olive green, gray, and white. Also, hemlines became a lot shorter than just a few years prior.

•A-line dresses

Def made a strong comeback.

•Black or Nude Slip Dresses

•Black or White Lace

•Bodycon Dess

•BabyDoll Dresses


And we’re back!


Mostly in black, navy, or pink

•Cape Style Jackets

•Catsuits and Bodysuits

Wow! Fashion has drastically changed over the last two decades, Hasn’t it?? And how HOTT is Bella Hadid in that open-back catsuit?!

Now, I know, some styles are endless and they will never die, fashion always recycles itself. Also, a lot of the styles/trends from the last couple years will be brought over into the New Year. But what were some of your favorite fashion trends from the last 2 decades and what fashion trends do you predict in 2020? Leave your comments below!

And look out for my blog post with my fashion predictions for 2020!

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Amanda Mirus

Amanda Mirus